About Me

Gabriel Schenk

I write fiction and non-fiction, and teach English literature at university level. My research interests include the Inklings, fantasy literature, and retellings of myth.

I’ve taught at the University of Oxford (where I did my DPhil on Arthurian literature); Advanced Studies in England, Bath; Ashinaga, Uganda; and Signum University, where I am currently a preceptor and lecturer.

I worked in the access programme at Pembroke College, Oxford, teaching sixth-form students from schools in deprived areas, to raise aspirations and support them in pursuing tertiary education in their chosen fields.

I also worked for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, teaching and supporting scholars from sub-Saharan Africa who go on to study in Japanese, American, Brazilian, and European universities, and eventually become community leaders working for the development of Africa.

I joined Signum University in 2018, excited by the potential for an online university to bring the benefits of education to people who would not otherwise be able to do a Masters programme due to financial, geographical, or time constraints.

I co-founded and co-run the annual Tolkien Lecture Series on Fantasy Literature at Pembroke College, Oxford, where I am also part of the Tolkien Memorial Plaque project.

I created and manage the web sites for the literary estates of two authors: Owen Barfield, one of the major thinkers and authors in the Inklings group, alongside C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien; and P.H. Newby, BBC Radio director and the first winner of the Booker Prize.

You can reach me on Twitter – where I tweet things about Mars, King Arthur, and biscuits – or e-mail: gabrielschenk [at] gmail.com.